Pub scenes from around the world: quirky but lovable

Tomorrow you are getting your weekly Mansion Treat from Jane - a day early - as Sunday is a special day in American which we want to celebrate and share.

Drinking a beer inside a tree? You wouldn’t think one person, let alone a crowd would fit, but it was possible inside this old Baobab tree which once sat in the middle of a field in Modjadjiskloof, South Africa. It was 72 feet tall, 155 wide and, 1,700 years old.1

The Baobab Bar tree in Modjadjiskloof, South Africa (1)

Parties raged for years in the bar. But in August 2016, the first sign of trouble started to show when a third of the trunk crashed to the ground. People online blamed the bar inside, but the owners wrote on YouTube that the breakage was due to heavy rainfall in the tree that caused rotting.1

“Scientists have assured us that the tree is not dying and are going to do tests on it,” the Sunland Baobab YouTube account wrote. “It is not because there is a bar inside of the tree, the bar was put there because the tree was naturally hollowed out, as baobabs do.”1

Furthermore, it was “still open, still awesome, and probably one of the very few trees where you can see the inside from outside.”1

Inside the Baobab Bar tree Photo via Sunland Baobab / Facebook (1)

The trunk had a 155-foot circumference and was wide enough to fit 40 people inside it. It even had its own cellar with natural ventilation to keep the beer cool!2

The pub was owned by the van Heerdens, who decided to open a pub when they discovered a natural hollow in the tree in the 1980s. While clearing out the hollow centre of the tree trunk, the van Heerdens found historical evidence of Bushmen who may have once lived in the tree.2

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