About the AnArt4Life Blog Team

About the AnArt4Life Blog Team


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Anne Newman


I started the Art Blog several years ago when challenged by my web site manager (Matt Cameron - the Interwebs Wizard) to become more engaged in social media. I have always had a strong interest in art and in painting although my working life was dedicated to teaching and teacher education. My greatest achievement from my profession is that I am the author of the Newman Error Analysis for Mathematics - a procedure for diagnosing children’s errors in mathematics which has gone on to be very popular as a diagnostic tool throughout the world: I am thrilled to have made a difference to the education of children. I am retired now and the blog and painting have become a large part of my life.

I didn’t go willingly into the challenge to write an Art blog. I thought that it would last only a few weeks and I would fail dismally. I was wrong. I found sharing with others my love of learning about the world of art was a sheer joy, made even more wonderful through the interesting people I have met along the way. To be joined by my friend Jane (June 2018), followed by her sister Caroline (May 2019) and her friend Julie (Dec 2019) as writers added new perspectives and interests to the content.

Painting and writing are very solitary pursuits and what these three wonderful women have done is to transform the writing of the art blog into a group effort where we daily share ideas about what to write, make calls for help with a particularly "challenging post" being worked on and generally "chat about all things art" whenever we can. We have regular meet ups to work out how we can improve what we are doing and are constantly on the look out for new ideas to share and artists to showcase. And Matt - the Interwebs Wizard is constantly on the look out for new ways to present the information. Each of us has our own interests to bring to you and our own style of presentation which adds to the strength of the AnArt4Life blog. I also love to paint and you can read about my ventures into this field and see my paintings by following this link to Anne Newman - Paintings .

My interest in art is very eclectic. I have always been interested in reading about and collecting Naive Art and Australian Outback Art including Contemporary Indigenous Art. And I love paintings of buildings and the people who inhabit them which leads me to American artist Edward Hopper and my very favourite aritst Laurence Stephen Lowry who painted scenes of Salford which is now part of Manchester in the UK. To show the extremes of my taste in art I also love the works of abstract artist Frank Bowling which contrasts in the extreme with my love of the paintings of John Pickup, one of the Brushmen of the Bush.

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My Dutch parents migrated to Australia in the 1950s, worked hard themselves and instilled a strong work ethic in me and my younger siblings Hans and Caroline.

Growing up there was little time or money for holidays, however the house always seemed to be filled with visitors from all walks of life and we were encouraged to take part in their interesting conversations. My father was a chef in Holland and for guests, would pull out all stops on delicious Dutch meals. My Mother had trained as a concert pianist so classical music often resonated through the house.

As teenagers we were taken to wonderful concerts, the opera and ballet. My career centred on administration- running a commercial office before progressing to the implementation of computer applications to improve processes, writing procedures and training personnel.

My passion is traveling to destinations near and far, to explore and discover different cultures, architecture, art and natural wonders. Through travel I developed a love of art, visiting wonderful galleries and learning the relevance of history through the lives and works of artists.

During a tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco in 2014 I met Anne one morning as we tried to work out the complexities of the coffee machine. Little did I know we would become good friends. Anne ignited in me a broader interest in art and through her enthusiasm and support became involved in writing for her art blog.

Now semi retired, instead of writing dry instruction manuals, it’s a joy to indulge in sharing with our readers, many experiences that relate to art and to realise that ART underlies so much of our lives and everything around us. I love the constant quest of learning - not only satisfying but great fun too!

My favourite artists are Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Salvador Dali and the Australia naive artist Hugh Schulz who hides the rabbits and emus in his delightfully engaging works.

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I loved school, not for the often-quoted reasons of learning and endeavour, but a place to make friends, socialise, play a bit of sport and have a laugh. At 16 I commenced working full time in our family fire protection business. I went on to study fire technology and completed various industrial fire training courses with the NSW Fire Brigade, Texas A&M University USA and I commenced training industrial fire teams and joined a volunteer fire brigade.

Always drawn to the subjects around communication, human and animal behaviour and psychology I volunteered at various animal welfare organisations and later joined a community radio station where I produced and co-presented two different types of radio programs, a women’s music program and an in-depth interview program.

In 2018 I began working with my partner in her Psychology practice as the Practice Manager. Aound this time, my sister Jane introduced me to Anne’s AnArt4Life blog and when I was invited to write a few posts I decided with much trepidation to ‘ave a go’.

Since writing the posts I have learnt so much. What I love now is that I ‘see’ so much more when I am out and about. I see colours, shapes, textures everywhere. I look at nature more closely, I stop the car randomly to photograph an interesting letterbox, or casually chat to an artist or gallery owner.

I have been given the nickname The Keeper of Rabbit Holes as I go down so many in my quest for information. I like to write my posts presuming that many readers are like me and may have minimal knowledge and I try to make it a welcome space to learn.

I have been introduced to all my favourite artists and artistic styles like Naïve Art through the AnArt4Life blog. I love the fact I did not know of these artists prior to 2019 and now I call them my faves! To name a few I would pick some Aussie artists - Clarice Beckett, Dorothy Braund, Pixie O’Harris, John Pickup and David Oakley.

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Footnote from the Editor in Charge: The Keeper also included me as one of her favourite artists. I have removed my name as it is taken for granted that the GAAL team all love my work!!!! Anne

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Hello, my name is Julie, and I love to learn new things, so I love reading the AnArt4Life blog every day. I am honoured to also contribute to it, and love collaborating with my friends Anne, Caroline and Jane! We all bring a different focus to it, and I hope our readers like the variety in our offering as a result!

My mother loved writing and would spend ages getting the wording just right in her letters and cards! She was forever correcting our grammar and spelling, so hopefully her influence is useful in writing my posts now! I am quite a detailed person, and a perfectionist like my mother, and so perhaps that is why I have picked up the job of being Proof Reading Editor here at the AnArt4Life blog!

I spent my working life in the fields of superannuaton and financial planning, in areas such as technical advice, training, marketing and compliance. I am retired now , but I loved science and maths at school, and chemistry in particular, so I do like subjects which have a technical aspect! I also love vintage planes and steam trains, Clydesdale horses and old photos. I am not particularly creative, so I do admire people who can draw, paint or sculpt!

I have a special interest in glass ware, wood, and fine bone china and in the field of painting - it is watercolours and pastels in particular that I love. As to my favourite artists, well, the French Impressionists – any of them! And also the Heidelberg School – all of them! In more contemporary artists I would include Ed Obermeyer, Denise Faulkner, David Oakley and Anne Melloy.

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Matt Cameron


Hello, my name is Matt and I am very passionate about helping people learn about digital marketing and providing support to help them make a difference online. This is why I find myself helping the team and community at www.AnArt4Life.com with sharing inspiring stories about art.

If you are interested in learning more about how I help and support people make a difference visit influencer.tips or write me an email - matt@influencer.tips - I would love to hear from you.

To be honest I don't read everything on the blog, but I do read what connects with me and because of the awesome efforts of the editorial team there is a lot to choose from.

Enough about me.

There are some great ways that you can engage with the website.
First, have a read - I have heard that for anyone with an interest in art, www.AnArt4Life.com it is an experience best compared to being a kid in a lolly shop.

Next, subscribe - there is a daily email, free, and best of all there is no junk email trying to sell you stuff. The varity of posts are aimed to appeal to a wide range of interests which are a real joy to read with a strong emphasis on showcasing images. I know a number of the members of the newsletter list regularly reply to the editorial team with comments and suggestions.

Another way to engage is to keep a look out for how to provide feedback on the website and share a comment. When you do it helps the team know what you're interested in.

And finally, share the posts with anyone that you know would be interested on social media or in an email.

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We also have subscriber contributors who regularly work with one of the team to produce posts.

Meet our contributors.
John "Rowdy" Wylie - artist from Port Elliot South Australia


John Pickup OAM - Brushman of the Bush

Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region

❁ Gaining An Appreciation of Art through Life

To gain subscribers and followers from all around the world (the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Africa, New Zealand, France and Australia) confirms that there is an interest in what we are offering.

We call ourselves the GAAL Team and we are thrilled to bring you interesting art and amazing creations in life for as long as we have the energy and you have the interest.

Thank you for being part of AnArt4Life journey.