Boab drama

Boab trees 25 by Jos Coufreur (1)

Artists over many generations have been inspired to sketch and paint the boab... with all its unique sculptured shapes and forms… the boab tree is at its best in the Wet Season of far north west of Australia when the tropical weather pattern is stormy, thunderous, raining and bleak ….. all these factors enhance the mystique around the tree…..

Western Australian artist Jos Coufreur uses his expressionstic style to create boabs that intensify the drama and add a mystical effect to the landscape... a colourful atmospheric landscape.

Rowdy Wylie wants to be a film director!! He explains:

I often think to myself…… If I were a film Director filming a “horror movie” I would include a magnificent “huge” Boab tree in a scene…… “set” with a dark sky …lots of thunder… rain and lightning… the sculptured arms of the boab would do the rest to create a tremendous scene…

The boabs created by Rex Woodmore would be prime candidates to star in Rowdy's film - definitely weird woodlands as Rex Woodmore has defined them. Rex is a painter of trees and we will return to look at some of his works at a later date. In the meantime please check out his weird woodlands site.

If you can call a tree eccentric- then it's the boab and Majorie Fisher's interpretation with her startling configuration and powerful colours illustrates this dramatically.

There is no doubt that the boab and it's baobab cousin are unique in their structure and amongst the strangest yet most appealing trees on earth.

Tomorrow we will take you right into the heart of Boab Country where you will see some of the remarkable boab works being created by Indigenous Australians.

Signing off today with three more interpretations of the boab to show you the diversity of creativity which can be explored when it comes to a boab.

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