May 2022 Mailbag

Beautiful words from Monica in Tanzania open our May mailbag in reponse to the latest painting we showcased by Tendai Makufa. Monica said:

This makes me feel so proud of my fellow countryman, who, in spite of all the terrible hardships suffered in Zimbabwe, know that there is joy in making ' life!' Growing beauteous fruits and vegetables. with their wondrous colours and textures, for the sustenance of these forgiving, compassionate people, who rejoice in sharing their skills and their produce with their fellow men. His paintings are all about vibrant ' life' in spite of the cobwebs. Long may he convey his joy of 'life' with his inspirational paintings. M.B. Tanzania/ Zimbabwe.

Tendai Makufa engages us in his narrative art - “From 2019-2022”
Tendai Makufa in South Africa has completed another of his beautiful and engaging paintings - created from his heart which is so closely linked to his origins back in Zimbabwe where he was born in 1979. The painting significantly is titled “From 2019-2022”.

Monica also made a wonderful response to Earth Day saying:

Although we cannot slow down the inexorable arrival of the next ice age, of which our extreme weather is a precursor, we can use all our minds, strength and bodies, individually and collectively to enhance the condition of our world. We have the benefits of satellites, drones and computed data, but we cannot perceive the urgent need to preserve the atmosphere, and our precious flora, fauna, and our mineral resources. As is revealed in history over and over again, we cannot see the danger, until it comes crashing upon us ! I grieve for my Gt. Grandaughter, and Gt. Grandson who is on the way to experiencing Gaia! Thank you to Anne for this beautiful art, and telling message about our crisis! M.B. Tanzania

I echo Monica words and could nogt imagine a world without my favourite river - The Might Murray which separates Victoria from New South Wales.

The Murray River near Wentworth New South Wales Australia Photo: Anne Newman

Hot off the easel

Tendai has another new painting waiting in the wings which we will show you very soon.

And in reference to beautiful paintings. Some time back we had a post on Castlemaine artist Peggy Shaw who turned 100 earlier this year.

Recently I was contacted by a woman in the UK who wants to buy a Peggy Shaw painting as a gift for her mother who lives in Victoria. I have spoken to the remarkable Peggy who is still painting and was getting paintings ready to send off to the annual Rotary Art Show in Castlemaine, Central Victoria which opens on 10 June.

If you live near Castlemaine please consider attending what is always a wonderful show. And hopefully I will bring you more on the story of the purchasing of a Peggy Shaw painting from the UK to Castlemaine and onto Bendigo.

A couple of weeks ago Andrew ran a little game for you in a post The Rabbits of Hugh Schulz where you were invited to study three of the Hugh Schulz paintings from Andrew's collection to see how many hidden rabbits you could find.

The answers are: Wild Daisies in Sandhills(3), Arid Outback (3), Road in the Outback Hills (2).

D - our Roving Reporter from Central Victoria spotted a rather magnificent bird called Harley the crow created by Andre Sardone from Mandurang Valley in Central Victoria. To check out Andre's work please click here.

Harley the crow by Andrew Sardone (1)

And we will conclude the May Mailbag with a little glimpse of what Jane and I have been up to over the past two weeks. One of the highlights was a sunset tour of Lake Tyrrell run by Julie from Sea Lake Tyrrell Tours. We can highly recommend this tour and to learn more please click here.

Jane (left) and Anne at Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria Photo: Julie from Sea Lake

Jane and I will be back with more highlights from our trip to Broken Hill and back very soon.