The rabbits and more of Hugh Schulz

A couple of days ago we showcased the latest Hugh Schulz paintings purchased by Andrew. If you missed this post Click here.

Hugh loved to hide animals in his paintings many of which are like tapestries of the landscape he loved so much.

For a bit of fun Andrew has chosen three of the paintings from his collection - all of which contain hidden rabbits. The game is to see how many rabbits you can find in each picture.

Arid Outback by Hugh Schulz 23 x 30cm (1) © S Lindeman
Wild Daisies in Sandhills by Hugh Schulz 26 x 35cm (1) © S Lindeman
Road in the Outback Hills by Hugh Schulz 40 x 50cm (1) © S Lindeman

Andrew admits that he spends a great amount of time gazing at these wonderful narrative paintings and says: every time I look at a Hugh Schulz painting I have to conduct a search of it to see what he has hidden!!

The answer to how many rabbits are hidden in each painting will be given in the May Mailbag which will be posted very soon.

Have fun!!

1. From the collection of Andrew from the Hunter Region of NSW.