June 2024 Mailbag No 1

Photo by Joshua Lawrence / Unsplash

Did you see our series of posts on the wonderfully vibrant paintings created by Australian artist Johanna Hildebrandt?

Here are some of the Comments made in response.

WOW!!... Andrew what an amazing collection of Johanna's paintings... Johanna's vibrant colourful compositions are so alive... "full of fun" & each painting draws the viewer in to look closer at the fauna & flora... there is a "lot going on"... all delivering a unique story of the "bush" landscape environment... I must say.... I really like Johanna's painting Titled: "Dingoes at the Creek" - 1993... (the post "Hero" photo) .. Thanks.... Rowdy..

I love Icy Waters, penguins are so cute as they become game enough to plunge into the icy waters! (Mind you they are very smelly!) A great party trick after a few wines, although counting the penguins would be a challenge at any time. I love the humpback whale too. All of Johanna’s painting are just fabulous and I love the often whimsical quality. Andrew, you must have a very big house to display your incredible collection! Jane

Loved this series. Thank you to everyone involved. Congratulations Anne and Andrew from the beautiful Hunter Valley. Love that you share so much. Hartland Stephen Cook

If you missed the series please use our search tool with the words Johanna Hildebrandt. Below I have included a bookmark link to one of the posts in the series to whet your appetite.

Johanna Hildebrandt Series: The Vivid Landscape
Andrew and I have been showcasing the creative works of Sydney artist Johanna Hildebrandt whose vibrant and enchanting paintings of the Australian landscape and native life grace the walls of many galleries throughout the world.

The 25th April down here in Australia and New Zealand is very special as this is the time of the year we commemorate the ANZACs.

Every year Rowdy Wylie creates a special painting in memory and recognition of the sacrifices made by these courageous souls. Please check out Rowdy's most recent painting by following the link below.

Rowdy always donates the painting to an RSL (Returned Services League) or War Museum and so if you have any connections with these organisations and would like to know more about procuring one of Rowdy's War Memorial paintings please write to me using the email link attached to this post.

Rowdy also produces a commemoration painting for Remembrance Day on 11 November.

“The Bombing of Darwin 1942” by John ‘Rowdy’ Wylie
Every year, thanks to John “Rowdy” Wylie, the AnArt4Life blog features a special tribute in the form of a painting to commemorate ANZAC DAY and also REMEMBRANCE DAY in November. This year Rowdy’s special acknowlegement focuses on the bombing of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in 1942.

In response to Rowdy's ANZAC painting for 2024 we received several comments - a sample of which are:

A wonderful painting, Rowdy, a lot of thought has obviously gone into this memorial of the bombing of Darwin. A great post by both you and Anne, giving us great information and insight. I've been to Darwin and your painting is a very fitting tribute to those events and the memorials that continue there today. Julie

Hi Rowdy, this Anzac Day painting surpasses all your previous, very marvellous Anzac Day creations.The movement in the painting, with the wheeling warplanes, and issuing of smoke from the 'downed' planes, very sharply reveals the horror, violence, fear and destruction of war.It showcases the courage of the Australian pilots!And the usual emblems of memory, the tombstone, the last post, and the poppies, which are by no means a sample of naive painting, just enhance the gravity of the whole depiction. Congratulations for the effort and thoughtfulness that you expend on these memorials! M B. Tanzania

Julie from the AnArt4Life team attended the ANZAC DAY dawn service at Torquay, on the coast southwest of Melbourne. She has shared her beautiful and very moving photos with us.

Commemorating ANZAC DAY at Torquay (Photo: Julie)

And Trevor Lee in Canberra attended the final Anzac Eve Peace Vigil in
its current form, led by A Chorus of Women, atop Mt Ainslie which is the backdrop for the Australian War Memorial and a perfect vantage point to observe the full moon rising as they sang.

"Since 2011, each year we have gathered to remember everyone impacted by war, in a beautiful and much-loved lantern-lit ceremony. We sing up peace as night falls. Creative ideas for future vigils are welcome." Trevor

Anzac Eve Peace Vigil in its current form, led by A Chorus of Women, atop Mt Ainslie (Photo: Trevor Lee)

Further down in the mailbag we find that Hartland Stephen Cook has been busy with his watercolour sketches of buildings. These are a wonderful record of the past Steve - keep it going!

Watercolour sketches of buildings by Hartland Stephen Cook

Steve Cook also sent in a photo of his recent purchase of a painting by Australian naive artist Peter Stevenson.

Painting by Peter Stevenson as purchased by Steve Cook

Kevin McKay's painting of his son Jay also brought in many comments one of which I have included below. Kevin has submitted this painting for the 2024 Archibald Portrait Prize and we will watch with interest to see if it is noticed and selected.

Wow! Wow! Wow!..... Kevin congratulations on your "master-piece" composition of son Jay painting "plein air" at the "Oak Park Pavilion".. Your wonderful initiative to paint Jay is absolutely outstanding & projects a father's "proudness" & love of his son & his creative achievements... The compositions title.. "The Painter" is truly magnificent... & for me the title creates thoughts of "intrigue"... "mystique" & wanting to know more about the individual's art journey... (possibly a great "title" for a movie production!!!) Thank you so much Kevin & Jay for sharing your wonderful "master-piece"... We have all been treated to a very unique "special painting" experience... Kevin all the very best & good luck with your submission for "The Archibald Prize" 2024... & a "BIG" thankyou Anne for today's marvellous inspiring post.... Rowdy..

At the bottom of the mailbag we find some street art sent in by Carol one of our followers from her trip to Bright in NorthEast Victoria.

Street art near Bright, Victoria (Photo: Carol)
Street art near Bright, Victoria (Photo: Carol)

Tomorrow we have a second mailbag which contains a special notice about changes to the way we present the AnArt4Life blog. Make sure you click in to learn about the changes.