July 2023 Mailbag No 2

I do like the image above of the enveloped which reminded me of the creative craft of quilting and acts as a lovely segue into the first item in the mailbag. From Monica Joan in Tanzania comes:

Hello Anne and Suzanne

I am sorry that I am a little late in commenting, but life brings surprises that completely wobble your day and your intentions.

Your quilting, Suzanne is ultimately superb, perfect, and sublime art.

Your teddy quilt which is made of crocheted rosettes, is absolutely amazing! What an imagination, and skill, that you possess!

The creation of reds and beiges with butterflies and fleur-de-lis, and the grand arrangement of beauteous flowers in the centre, is right up my street. I would love to own it.

Finally, your " feel good " quilt, did exactly that for me. I have two very ill sisters, one in Zimbabwe, and one in New Zealand, and it seems that their problems are multiplying, not reducing, in spite of all efforts. I am assailed with bad news daily, but I will rely on drinking in the beauty of your " feel good" quilt, with all the love and caring that is built into your motifs, and fortify my heart. Bless you for your magnificent productions. M. Broom Tanzania

Monica - we send you our love and hope that you can wrap yourself up virtually in one of Suzanne's quilt. There will be more quilting posts along the way.

Enter the world of quilting

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We have talked about and looked at many patterns in various mediums of late and the post on a couple of paintings by Tendai Makufa and Philippe de Kraan caught the attention of Mary Marique Travis who wrote to say:

It is the intricate patterns and how they meld to a whole that makes Tendai's paintings so wonderful. As an art fan I love to dive into the paintings and artwork and the more one delves the more there is to see.

And The Keeper joined in comparing Philippe de Kraan's painting to those produced by Australian artist Dorothy Braund.

Check out Dorothy Braund byt following the bookmark link below.

The Keeper also added:

Jeez gals, when you look up women artists in the tag cloud, wow what a volume of work has been published, reminds me of how amazing you all are!!!

Dorothy Braund
Dorothy Braund was a painter, printmaker, teacher and critic, she must have been one busy multi-talented woman. Dorothy taught art at three Melbourne schools in the 1950s, gave talks on ABC radio in 1961-64, and reviewed children’s books for the Australian in 1969-77.

We conclude today with Andrew's comment on Maureen's comment on the works of Philippe de Kraan where she compared one of his paintings to those created by Millet.

Andrew responded to Maureen's comment by saying:

A really lovely email from Maureen. It's very pleasing to know and must give you great deal of satisfaction to know that there are art lovers who read, enjoy and appreciate the time and research that you and your team put into these stories of all things art. I for one really enjoy them.

There is quite a lot online about the two Millet paintings that Maureen refers to and personally I can see how Vincent Van Gogh may have been influenced by paintings by Millet as shown in Van Gogh's early and darker paintings such as The Potato Eaters. Maybe it's just the subject matter but to me certainly some similarities. Andrew

To catch up with this discussion comparing Philippe de Kraan with Millet please follow through using the booklet links below.

Shapes and Patterns: Comparing Tendai Makufa and Philippe de Kraan
I love patterns!! Patterns in nature fascinate me and I quickly become hooked on artists whose works involve patterns. Today we compare patterns created by Tendai Makufa and Philippe de Kraan.
Subscriber Maureen from Birchup in Central Victoria recently reminded us of the remarkably beautiful and reflective painting by Jean-Francois Millet and so let’s take a moment to send good thoughts to those we care about and love.
The second of the Millet paintings which arose out of a post on Tendai Makufa and Philippe de Kraan was The Gleaners. Here it is to set your mind athinking this morning. And thank you Maureen from Birchup for reminding me how beautiful are the Millet paintings - full of empathy and emotion.

And I will add my opinion to the discussion. Soon I am going to showcase a painting by Philippe titled The Gathering and this painting reminds me a little of the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder - coming up soon.

Late Mail

Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser are having a PopUp Exhibition in the Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia which you can learn about by clicking here and here. Rowdy has sent in some photos of how the exhibition has been set up.

PopUp Exhibition for Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser, Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia
PopUp Exhibition for Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser, Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia