Pop In to the Pop Up Art Exhibition: Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia Part 2

One of the AnArt4Life's most important purposes for existing is to promote local art and artists. Today we follow on from yesterday and showcase some of the paintings being created by Geraldine Rosser on exhibition at the moment in Middleton, South Australia with Rowdy Wylie. 

Let me introduce you to Geraldine Rosser who states in her bio that:

"My Art brings me Joy...

Painting intuitively, it has given me the freedom to express myself more fully and my journey into abstraction fuels this.

Love using layers of colour, especially orange, and strong marks to bring depth and interest.

I am continually exploring new ways for my art making, which means my art does not stand still.

My practise includes mainly acrylics, but also use soft pastels, oil pastels, water colour, acrylic ink, collage.

Some of the tools I use, besides brushes and palette knifes, can include rollers, and even an orbital sander!

My art journey over the years has included Design, Pottery, Fibre Art and Life Drawing which I intend to explore more fully.

In 2021 I was delighted to be given a Commission to make an artwork which included certain colours.

I was born in the Netherlands and migrated with my family when I was 9 in 1957 to Adelaide and now live in scenic Victor Harbor south of Adelaide.

I am delighted to be an artist with the Victor Harbor Regional Gallery, a vibrant, and friendly cooperative of local artists.

Geraldine Rosser

Geraldine's paintings have a strong abstract style married with distinct elements of realism which inspire the viewer to see familiar aspects, particularly of the natural environment, in a totally new way.

This semi-abstract landscape below is an example where Geraldine has used colour, shape and texture to bring a fascinating landscape into view.

Peaceful times 42×30 Acrylic on paper by Geraldine Rosser ©

And again, though even more abstract is this work below. For me I can see a river winding through neatly patterned fields as in an English countryside as the title suggests. Or maybe it reminds you of a quilt. I wonder what you can see?

Fields of Gold 45 x45 Acrylic on Canvas by Geraldine Rosser ©

As regular followers know from my recent work, I love patterns and frequently make the point to look around at the patterns in nature. And so you won't be surprised that I can see a tree trunk in the painting below with its beautiful pattern being highlighted by Geraldine in her unique style. But again, I am sure Geraldine would just want you to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the work without giving it a realistic definition.

Breath of Fresh Air 29x 22 Acrylic /mixed media on paper by Geraldine Rosser ©

We begin to appreciate from viewing these works that Geraldine has a great love of creating art pieces about leaves and trees.

Leaves of Autumn by Geraldine Rosser ©

Geraldine sees exciting potential for new paintings from the environment around her. Below is Geraldine's interpreation of some of the rocks of Granite Island - a place we have seen in Rowdy Wylie's paintings also. Granite Island is a small island off Victor Harbor, South Australia with a causeway attached. It is a very popular day trip for people living in Adelaide.

Rocks of Granite Island by Geraldine Rosser ©

And rain and its after effects makes for another colourful landscape.

After the Rain by Geraldine Rosser ©

But often the joy and inspiration comes from the juxtaposition of shapes and colours as in the example below which arouses a sense of disquiet - there is so much to explore in this image and will be interested to see if any of you comment on the effect.

Where the wild things are 42×30 Acrylic on paper by Geraldine Rosser ©

And we will conclude by returning to reality with this rich and colourful floral arrangement.

Blooming Lovely 50x40 Acrylic on Canvas by Geraldine Rosser ©

What links the works of Rowdy Wylie with Geraldine Rosser? Colour! Texture! And that indescribable element so closely linked to emotions - a passion to wallow in paint!

The passion of both artists even with their very contrasting styles are in love with country and you can feel, even see, their personal presence deep within the highly coloured and textured layers of their view of the landscape and the natural features within.

We send our best wishes to Rowdy and Geraldine for their exhibition and if you are able to, please drop in and say hello and have a chat about art - because there is nothing which beats a yarn about the world as you would like to see it.

I love both the styles of these artists - so very different but then my favourite artists of all time are most probably Laurence Stephen Lowry and Frank Bowling And how different are they! I'll show you what I mean in a post along the way.