TagCloud Day: Sculpture

We of the AnArt4Life blog team have been pretty prolific when it comes to sharing information about sculpture. While we take a day of rest why don't you check out the offerings from our TagCloud for Posts about Sculpture.

Sculpture - AnArt4Life

And tomorrow Julie is going to take you up to the north of Australia and show you some amazing Ghost Net sculptures.

Late Mail

I have just learnt that not all new subscribers to the AnArt4Life blog are receiving the welcome email. My apologies for this. If you missed out and would like a welcome email please let me know by emailing me at [email protected].

A warm welcome to Thomas in Michigan who has just subscribed and also Arthur in Malta has joined us which is wonderful as it reminds me of a couple of posts by me and Jane on art from this beautiful island (see below). And I must send out a special greeting to one of our Maltese subscribers whom we will call T in Melbourne who has followed the AnArt4Life blog every day for the past 5+ years. A very special thank you to all those loyal subscribers and followers who still gain from our art offerings!

Malta and Meeting the Schranz Family
Introducing you to the Schranz family and John J. Schranz, a descendant of Giovanni Schranz who was a son of Anton Schranz -head of a dynasty of Maltese artists. Image: The Grand Harbour by Anton Schranz /artnet.com
Mattia Preti and the Baroque Churches of Malta
The history of art in Malta is discussed & we are introduced to the works of Mattia Preti which leads beautifully on to Caravaggio. St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valetta. Image is the Feast of Herod located in the Toledo Museum of Art