Silo Art across Australia!

In April 2015, the first painted silos were completed in Northam, Western Australia. These were closely followed by some in the northwest of Victoria, which is now known as the Victorian Silo Art Trail, a 350 kilometre (200 miles) stretch of highway through the Wimmera and Mallee area.

Since then, many more silos, water towers and other buildings have been painted in a total of eight towns in Victoria by artists including Julia Volchkova, Guido van Helten, Fintan Magee, Matt Adnate, Kaff-eine, Smug, Drapl, The Zookeeper, and Rone.

Other States of Australia have seen the enormous tourism benefits that these huge art works have brought to the area, and have jumped on board too!

There are now 35 painted silos and 60 water towers across Australia, by the above artists and others, with plans for many more to come........!

We mentioned two of the silos in New South Wales in our recent blog about Heesco.

And Heesco has also completed one in South Australia too, in a place called Kooranda, west of Adelaide, near Murray Bridge. Do you like the detail? Such a typical Australian outback scene .....

But there is more to this particualr silo than Heesco's fantastic art work!

Every evening from sunset the Karoonda Viterra Silos come to life with a light show! The night show features local and South Australian Artwork courtesy of Illuminart‘s Blow Up Your Art (BUYA) project.

The nightly projection show is permanent and the content of the light show changes every few weeks!

A couple named Eric and Annette Green, from Mandurah, south of Perth in Western Australia, went travelling to see the art silos in Western Australia and were hooked on the whole concept!

They have spent the last two years travelling throughout Australia to find, document and promote the silo art trails in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland as well.

They now have a dedicated website which provides fabulous information about the artworks and the artists. the information is set out in lots of different categories: by State, by town, by building type etc. It is is well worth a browse through the different tabs......... Click the bookmark below to see the page which divdes the art silos into States:

The Australian Silo Art Trail Blog Page
The Australian Silo Art Trail is a promoter of the largest outdoor gallery in the world. It is located in all sates and territories of Australia and if joined in a single line would stretch well over 10,000 kilometres. Through our blog you can experience first hand some of our journeys across this g…

To finish, we thought you might like an armchair ride through the Australian Art Silo Trail - The Best of 2019, featuring the best across Australia, taken from this website:

With thanks to Annette Green,