Rebeca Dorich: Inspirational in Creating New Visions of Art Around the World

Everything Rebeca Dorich turns her mind and hand to is inspirational as her passion and projects promoting artists and their art from around the world are all embracing. Not only does Rebeca reach out and draw in artists, she takes all of us on her journeys which are creatively and culturally illuminating.

Rebeca is from Lima in Peru and my favourite Rebeca Dorich project was Chaposos Huamanguinos: Excursion Homeland Peru which invites the public to share places, memories, present activities or projections for our homeland, Peru, with characters co-created by Rosalía Tineo (a traditional ceramic artist) and Rebeca Dorich. The proposal is developed via Sidera Art projects, with the artistic mediation of Grazzia Benvenuto. 1

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Chaposos Huamanguinos: Excursion Homeland Peru
Rebeca Dorich is a Peruvian artist with a great passion to preserve Peruvian identity and culture through a participatory project called “Chaposos Huamanguinos”. Meet the Chaposos who are setting out to promote what it means to be Peruvian.

More recently Rebeca invited those of us who love the sun and like to sketch to be involved in an exhibition called the Festival del Solsticio.

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Solstice Art Festival
Rebeca Dorich is calling all art and craft makers to be involved in producing a coloured drawing inspired by popular art to celebrate the Solstice Art Festival.

I was delighted to read on FB a message from Rebeca saying:

Many thanks to those who have expressed their wish to be part of the Solstice Festival.

Proposals are already coming in. There is light and warmth of the sun in the works they send. Keep in mind that to be part of the festival, you will send a work "sun inspired" that is a coloring page, as at the festival it will be delivered so the audience can color it.

I want to show some early examples, the proposals of Ilona Lakatos and Gloria Fu Keh are shown below.

Ilona Lakatos and her Festival del Solsticio colouring page
Gloria Fu Keh and her Festival del Solsticio colouring page

Here are two further examples of "Solar Inspiration," thanks to our valued friend, Dr. Mahima Modi Gupta:

1 Coloring page, created ex-profeso (expressly or exclusively) for our festival.

2 Fully solar, festive work recovered from its archive and that had no linear design, but one was obtained from applying digital filters to its work. Taking care of clarity, contrast and that the result together is pleasant, inviting to colour.

Rebeca Dorich

The call to participate in the "Sun Inspired" project involves:
Colouring pages in A4 format
Contemporary creations, using traditional references of the culture of each participant.

It can be an ex-profeso drawing or an archival work.

It can be presented as linear design, as composition of lines and small stains, this for the new work. Or they can apply filters to achieve a coloring page, from an archive work; provided the results invites public intervention.

You have until June 17 to submit proposals.

Submissions to: [email protected]

Rebeca is not new to creating phenomenal projects. Here is a bookmark link to to Zanabazar Art Festival created some time back.

Rebeca Dorich shares her Zanabazar Art Festival art works
Showcased today is an exciting artist from Peru - Rebeca Dorich’s mixed media work features “Chuncho, a wind musician calling the new children to earth.”Credit: Rebeca Dorich

You might also like to watch a short video to get to know Rebeca Dorich a little more.

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© Thank you to Rebeca Dorich who kindly gave permission for the images from her Facebook page to be shared on AnArt4Life.