My Brother's Garden Part Three

In My Brother's Garden (Photo: Anne Newman)In My Brother's GardenMyII
My brother is also an artist like me - but he doesn't create paintings he created a magnificent garden in the north of New South Wales. Many of you would have already seen the first two posts in this series but if you missed out below are the links for you to follow.
My Brother’s Garden: Part One
My brother is also an artist - but unlike me he doesn’t paint but rather he plants! When I visit his garden in Northern New South Wales it has the same effect on me as the first time I saw the French Impressionist paintings in the Jeu de Paume museum.
My Brother’s Garden: Part Two
Did you see the first post in the series My Brother’s Garden?Today we are going to enter his property by following the driveway which leads all the way up to the house on the left with an extensive vegetable garden on the right.

And for today please join me in a walk around part of my brother's garden. I have chosen to have no background music to accompany the video because the sound of the breeze through the foliage of the plants is so beautiful and in the background you will hear the faint sound of bells ringing from the chimes my brother has hung in his garden.

We will return to enjoy more sites and sights from this remarkable artistic work in the coming weeks.