Past Post: No 8 July 2018

The Past Posts that you see each Sunday come from 2018 when the AnArt4Life blog was a baby. It was an exciting time as I was discovering so much about the world of art that I knew nothing about.

The content of the two past posts for today were a real revelation as I knew very little about Spanish art except for El Greco, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali.

I discovered however, that if you are going to begin to understand modern Spanish art you have to know about the theatre cafe Els Quatre Gats.

Els Quatre Gats
In the1890s Spanish artists Pere Romeu, Miquel Utrillo i Morlius & Frederic Homdedeu opened the theatre cafe Els Quatre Gats (Barcelona) after their Shadow Play venture failed in America. It became a meeting house for artists. Image: Poster for Els Quatre Gats by Pere Romeu (
Els Quatre Gats, Pere Romeu, Shadow Puppets & Lighting the Way
Continuing to examine life inside “Els Quatre Gats” with the shadow puppets of Pere Romeu and the artists who gathered to revolutionise artistic perception through “modernism”. Image: Ramon Casas & Pere Romeu on a Tandem -