Fourth of July: Not Forgetting You

Today we are going to recognise and celebrate the 4th of July with our American subscribers by enjoying a showcase of some of my favourite photographs taken by subscriber Chris O'Brien in New York.

And as it is Saturday - our Reflection Day - the images captured by Chris will help you spend just a few moments reflecting and remembering.

I have deliberately chosen images from Chris' portfolio that promote the beauty of the world around New York.

Photo by Chris O'Brien ©

The beauty of the waterside.

The unexpected delight of angled buildings.

Ever watchful.

Photo by Chris O'Brien ©

The perfect juxtaposition of buildings and tones.

Photo by Chris O'Brien

Showcasing the magical nature of trees.

Photo by Chris O'Brien ©

And my very favourite Chris O'Brien photograph which always reminds me of the exquisite beauty in nature.

Photo by Chris O'Brien ©

Other posts featuring the fabulous photographs of Chris O'Brien are given below.

Real Life Black Bears
Hungry Black Bears as photographed by Chris O’Brien New York.
Through the Eyes of Chris O’Brien in New York
It’s time for us to check out what Chris O’Brien of New York has been up to with his camera starting above with some incredible cloud formations. I love watching the changing scenes that Chris captures with New York in the background.
Chris O’Brien takes us to New York 2020
Chris O’Brien through his photographs brings us New York 2020. Although the streets are nearly empty of people there is a discernible heart beat waiting to bring back life to this wonderfully vibrant city.

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