Past Post: No 9 July 2018

Before we go to today's Past Posts I need to give the name of the artist who painted the view of the carpenter's workshop from his studio as shown in yesterday's post Reflection: Wood Workers.

The artist who painted Carpenter's Workshop Seen from the Artist's Studio was - Vincent Van Gogh. And yes our Jane got it right but then she does have an advantage in coming from a Dutch background. How many of you guessed correctly?

Although it is very different to most of the well known paintings by Van Gogh - the figure towards the background on the right hand side is very much a Van Gogh figure reminiscent of some of his sketches of diggers and farm workers.

And now to our past posts. First a post from 2018 written by Jane about Shadow Puppets which leads on nicely from last week when we looked at the establishment of the theatre cafe Els Quatre Gats.

Shadow Play
Shadow play enjoys a time-honoured history which can be traced back to the Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago. As early as in the 13th century, China’s shadow play was introduced to Persia, Arab, Turkey or Siam. Credit: Confucius Magazine

And then please follow up with a post on the beginning of bringing Realism to the theatre where you will meet Lucia Elizabeth Vestris who changed the way drama was presented to the audience.

Theatrical Realism
“Realism” was introduced to the theatre by the actor-theatre manager Lucia Elizabeth Vestris who brought historically correct costumes, elaborate scenery and the box set to the theatre. Image: Slave market scene from “The Octoroon” by Dion Boucicault (