Chris O'Brien captures more than an image

... at Hudson River Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

Chris O'Brien - New York photographer and AnArt4Life subscriber - has an amazing talent for capturing images many of which take us into challenging narratives behind the subject matter. I have included Bookmark links to previous posts on Chris' work at the end of this post.

Today however we are going to enjoy and appreciate some images of nature captured by Chris around the environs of New York starting with a baby garter snake! As one of Chris' FB followers commented: the symmetry of the snake and the over-arching grass blades makes for a perfect composition.

Baby garter snake Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

And no doubt this cheeky fellow instends to keep well away!

Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

However that keen eye might be on a small meal offered up by these spotted lanternfly (black larval stage and red nymph stage)

Spotted lanternfly (black larval stage and red nymph stage) Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

The marvels of the insect world are magnified through the magic of Chris' lens.

But my favouirte nature photo by Chris O'Brien in this set was this shot of what I think is a sparrow backgrounded by the human intervention of asphalt getting breakfast from a discarded piece of toast. 29th and Boradway Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

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© Thank you to Chris O'Brien who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.