Artistic Elements through the Eyes of Chris O'Brien: Illusion

Study the image below and see if you can work out what it is and how Chris O'Brien has captured this picture.

Photo by Chris O'Brien ©

This image might help you.

at West 27 Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

The photograph taken by Chris looks like a painting doesn't it. In reality Chris has taken a photo through a construction site window showing us the scene behind the security screening. What you are looking at in the first image is the scene through a hole cut in a wall on a construction site in Rutgers Street, New York City.

And see what your mind can make of the several layers in this image and can you define the reality of the original scene?

at 29th Street Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

You might be surprised to know that the image above was also taken through a construction window as in the first image we looked at in the post. In this case it was a broken plexiglass construction window like the intact one shown below on the left. On the right below is the inside view which was taken several months earlier. Now go back to the image above and see if you can match the scenes.

Another illusion has been created by Chris O'Brien by using the reflection of buildings. I find I have to really concentrate to work out which shapes are the actual buildings and which are reflections. A very clever photograph.

at Fifth Ave, New York City Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

This photograph has a similar effect where the eyes and mind are trying to discern the placement of the objects and structures. It looks as though the pavement and pots of Christmas trees are sitting on top of a building rising out of the ground!

at W. 37 Str & Broadway Manhattan NY Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

As well as reflections, colour can be used to confuse the mind.

And I love the chameleonic effect Chris has achieved through the appearance of steam, mist, clouds, - all that seek to interrupt and alter what you think you can see.

at 58th Street (BMT Fifth Avenue Line) Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

And I'm going to conclude with this amazing photograph which symbolises the message that we who produce the AnArt4Life blog are emphasising:

And a special thanks to Chris O'Brien for agreeing to share some of his wonderful images of New York City.

No title Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

We will continue to challenge your sense of reality as we move into 2021. Look around you and take note where the lines between what is and what might be are slightly blurred.