Chris O'Brien takes us to New York 2020

Chris O'Brien, who is one of our subscribers, lives in New York. Chris is a very keen photographer and I have included bookmarks at the end of this post giving you links to previous posts featuring his work.

Today we see New York through Chris' lens: almost a virtual city but with a heart beat ready to bring back the vitality to this wonderful city.

At Carmines Photo: Chris O'Brien ©
At East Broadway, Chinatwon, New York City Photo: Chris O'Brien ©

Follow the link in these bookmarks (below) to see some more of the wonderful photography of Chris O'Brien.

Through the Eyes of Chris O’Brien in New York
It’s time for us to check out what Chris O’Brien of New York has been up to with his camera starting above with some incredible cloud formations. I love watching the changing scenes that Chris captures with New York in the background.
Mail from Facebook
Sharing Communication from Facebook including a photo of New York by Chris O’Brien, the largest tree in the world publicised by Michelle Reddicliffe and a painting by Sara Bevan of Lands End Guild of Artists.
Real Life Black Bears
Hungry Black Bears

And you might also like to check out Chris' Facebook page to see more of his current photographs.

Chris O'Brien's Facebook page

Thank you Chris for agreeing to share your photographs with us.