Victor Harbor Art Show

Artist and subscriber John Wylie has sent in a report from the current Victor Harbor 42nd Art Show which takes place until 16 January 2021.

The overall Winner was Iroda Adil with her painting being shown below.

In the Rose Garden Leonardo da Vinci by Iroda Adil Photo: John Wylie

To see more paintings by Iroda Adil who was born 1964 in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, click here.

Next we have a Platinum Award which was won by John Lacey

Conala Colour by John Lacey Photo: John Wylie

To see more paintings by John Lacey from Mount Compass on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia click here.

And another Platinum Award was won by Tom O’Callaghan.

Cyclone Season by Tom O'Callaghan Photo: John Wylie

To see more paintings by Tom O’Callaghan, from Goolwa, South Australia click here.

And a a third Platinum Award was won by Mike Barr.

'Breakfast at Picnic Hill by Mike Barr Photo: John Wylie

To see more paintings by Mike Barr, from Adelaide, South Australia click here.

And finally we have a Gold Award going to Catherine Fitzgerald for her work painted on polished metal. As John Wylie commented; "The polished metal shows through in the top right hand side of this exceptional work ... love the colours!! I was drawn to it!"

Bird Lake by Catherine Fitzgerald Photo: John Wylie

To see more paintings by Catherine Fitzgerald, from Melbourne, Victoria click here.

The Victor Harbor Art Show 2021
The 42nd Award winning Victor Harbor Art Show will be held on Warland Reserve (adjacent to the Causeway ) in Victor Harbor, South Australia from January 9th - 16th 2021 (Covid permitting)

In Australia the local Rotary clubs have made an enormous contribution to the promotion of art in our communities: Rotary has brought art to the people.

The artists' entry fees and the admission cost is used by the Rotary Club to fund local community projects and humanitarian works overseas.


To provide an event that promotes local and interstate artists allowing them the opportunity to display and sell their art work.

To enable Rotary Victor Harbor to raise funds to inject many thousands of dollars into our local community, to humanitarian projects overseas and to Australian Rotary Health, a Rotary initiative providing much needed grants, scholarships and research into a wide range of medical conditions and mental health for Australians.1