Unlocking Margaret's House Still Life Challenge No 9: Katie's Apples

Over the past few weeks we have been running a series of Still Life Challenges based on the magnificent paintings of Australian artist Margaret Olley.

There are three challenges left in the series. Today's challenge we have already shown you when I wrote a post about Margaret Olley channeling Cezanne back earlier this year.

The feature painting is Katie's Apples.

Katie's Apples by Margaret Olley (1)

Please follow this Bookmark link back to the earlier post which does contain the video I know many of you are looking forward to watching.

Margaret Olley channeling Cezanne in Still Life
Recently the wonderful still life paintings by Paul Cezanne were showcased. Here in Australia, Margaret Olley, was also an expert in the still life genre and modelled her style on the European modern masters.

If you would like to read the Activity Sheet and maybe engage in creating a still life picture please click here.

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