September 2022 Mailbag No 1

Hi everyone - I am back from my journey across the world and wonderful holiday in the UK. And it seems such a long time since I dived into our mailbag to see what interesting items have been sent in. We have so much correspondence I think we might have to have three mailbag posts this month!!

Jane has taken over as travel journalist as she is at present in Africa and we wish her a safe and exciting trip and look forward to receiving many of her wonderful travel posts. She has gone to see the wildebeest migration so - watch this space!!

I'm going to start with a few highlights from my holiday in the UK. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast which revealed a treasure trove of rooftop images... more paintings of my favourite subject coming up.

I also spent a few days in the glorious and very ancient city of York and again the buildings were a delight to behold as the old city is so well preserved. Yes York contains The Minster, and endless remains of ancient times from the Romans onwards and there will be a post on York coming up. But to whet your appetite here are a few images - the first of York Minster which is remarkable in so many ways.

And the old city and winding streets are like something out of a fairy tale.

And now to see what else is in the mailbag. First - the remarkable Rebeca Dorich from Peru had an amazingly successful interactive exhibition to celebrate the Soltice Art Festival.

This is a novel multicultural proposal, brings the opportunity to enjoy a collection of creations of diverse origins that arrive as coloring pages, they allow us to recognize the importance of solar qualities for the humanity.
On June 21, winter came and started the Solstice Festival with an outdoor art action, held in a park in Miraflores. It has been its first edition, summoning more than sixty creators who with their coloring pages have contributed to the deployment of a unique book "Of solar inspiration", presented in an ephemeral montage, which provided light and warmth, shared in community. Satisfying experience powered by Sidera Art projects. There was public intervention, featuring local artists and friends. Today, all these pages have been welcomed by the Library España de las Artes, the Cultural Center of the National University Mayor of San Marcos.

We have an exhibition where we share a selection of the proposals. We highlight the participation of Green Tree A2 Art Studio from Germany and Gloria Keh from Singapore, who supported the process that Rebeca Dorich supported to put on the festival. We also give preferential space to the work of Peruvian artists Maritza Karadza and Jorge Vela Damonte, who joined us as speakers in the conversation. The Solstice Festival has fostered contemporary creation of solar inspiration that considers the cultural tradition of each participant, presented as coloring pages. Most of the creators are painters and several sent colored work, the festival has considered these creations and they join us in a collage. We have a central facility, where all proposals for coloring could be present, whether as miniatures or details, cuts that are ready for public intervention. In this way we highlight the main purpose of the Solstice Festival, to be a dynamic space for community interaction.1


You can check out Rebeca if you are a Facebook Follower by Clicking here.

Back in Australia, D. our roving reporter in Central Victoria has sent in another bird scupture by Andre Sardone from Mandurang, Victoria.

Andre explains that This one is a bit different, a flame robin sitting on barbed wire. As the robin is about 3 x life size, I had to make the barbed wire from 4mm wire. I will be painting this to try and achieve the colour of a flame robin.

Again, Facebook Followers can check out more works by Andre Sardone by clicking here.

Still in Victoria, Maureen Donnellon sent in these lovely comments in response to the post Julie presented on The Spanner Man. Maureen said:

I was lucky enough to tour John’s farm and marvel at his incredible art a few years ago. Wonderful man to talk to and so many ideas. Part of the tour included scones, jam and cream in the garden and a look at his exotic birds too.

Congratulations Julie… what an amazing post about John’s creative sculptures… all made and welded from recycled spanners… while he was confined to a wheelchair for mobility!!!…

I think the story says a lot about farmers and their unique skills.. ingenuity… problem solving and creativity in repairing and & building structures on their properties…

John’s positive attitude… determination and resilience to get “on with life” after contracting polio as a young boy is truly inspirational for us all!!... Sad to hear of John’s passing last year… John will be remembered for his magnificent works and very proud achievements…

Julie….thankyou for "posting” this story about “The Spanner Man” and his life’s journey from regional Victoria….

Below is the Bookmark link to Julie's post.

An inspirational artist from a remote country town
Today we look at the extraordinary sculptures of an extraordinary man in a small country town - known as The Spanner Man! Image: Courtesy of Emily Stewart

And correspondence from Caro in Cape Town and Monica in Tanzania remind us of the brilliance of Margaret Olley - probably Australia's most dearly loved artist who died in 2011. Recently we ran a series on Margaret Olley Still Life paintings. Click here to access the post which stimulated Carol and Monica to write to us.

Those lilies look so real one can almost smell their delicious and exotic scent. They and the vase by themselves would have been a work of art. Caro, Cape Town

This painting for me is the crême de la crême of her exciting work! Her brilliant Lilies exuding the promise of life, and the luscious fruits just begging to be devoured are potently speaking about "Still" LIFE!! More cogent than words! M.B. Tanzania.

Soumya Kundu's peacock (below) is a beautiful way to close off the first of the mailbags for September. Tomorrow we will open the 2nd mailbag for Spetember which promises to be just as interesting.

I think the composition of Soumya's peacock picture is fabulous and the palette he has chosen is most appropriate to showcase what must surely be one of the world's most beautiful creatures.

Soumya is from Kolkata in West Bengal, India.

Peacock by Soumya Kundu 

Tomorrow a second mailbag to open and enjoy.

1. Rebeca Dorich