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Subscriber E in London has sent in video clips from the BBC showing some remarkable scenes of weather elements in action in remote Australia. The images you will see attest to my claim that Mother Nature is the greatest artist.

The town of Broken Hill in outback Australia has endured an intense drought since 2017, but it is finally seeing some longed-for rain. Spectacular images of recent thunderstorms have been captured by local photographer Jacob Vlatko. In this video he tells the BBC how, after so long, it's been "amazing" to witness.

Follow this link to the video produced by Isabelle Rodd of Australia drought: Capturing spectacular storms in the outback. 1

The next video elaborates on the post Julie presented on Fractals in Nature in this case as part of river systems.

Join amateur photographer Derry Moroney who stumbled across massive patterns in Lake Cakora, on Australia's New South Wales north coast, while taking aerial photographs with his drone. Follow this link to the video produced by Isabelle Rodd of Australia: Spectacular ‘tree of life’ found in lake. 2

Having read a little more on this phenomenon I have learnt that the image of the tree is being cause by the oil from the surrounding tea trees dripping into the water.

For Facebook users - check out the Bureau of Meteorology page where you will see some spectacular images plus learn a great deal about the fascinating topic of weather.

Bureau of Meteorology
Nature is the most amazing artist! This stunning photo of Lake Cakora near Brooms Head, NSW, was captured by Derry Moroney Photography just over a week ago after big storms went through the Clarence...

I have added in this last video from the BBC series as there is nothing more beautiful than the Australian Night Sky which attracts professional sky watchers and tourtists from all around the globe.

Join photographer Stuart Mckay as he captures starlapses (time-lapse photography of the night sky) in a remote location which enables him to take night photos with incredible detail. Stuart Mckay lives in the coastal town of Agnes Water, Queensland, six and a half hours' drive north of the nearest light pollution.

Follow this link to the Australian night sky on show in starlapse' video.3

Tomorrow we explore Big Weather

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