Johanna Hildebrandt Series: The Survivors

It is very obvious when you study Johanna Hildebrandt paintings that she is not only inspired by the Australian landscape and wants to recreate it in her vision but she is deeply commited to her love of all the creatures who inhabit this world.
The Survivors 74x90cm by Johanna Hildebrandt (Painting Collection of Andrew from the Hunter Valley, NSW)

Over 550 native species are currently listed as threatened under Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999, and after the catastrophic bushfires in 2019-20 with nearly 3 billion animals impacted, many of these species are being pushed further towards extinction.1

Over the past couple of weeks we have taken in a selection of breathtakingly beautiful paintings of Australian native life against a backdrop of a rich and fascinating landscape. If you have missed the Johanna Hildebrandt Series as showcased on the AnArt4Life blog please return to start here.

The series has portrayed and emphasised not only the remarkable creative talent of Johanna but also her deep love and respect for the native creatures of Australia. All of the paintings take you into a peaceful wonderland where all is well within this world.

And so The Survivors as shown above, is a bit of a jolt out of the blue where Johanna in dramatic style suddenly reminds us that all is not well and that we need to treasure in whatever we can our beloved species - wherever you might live.

© Thank you to Johanna Hildebrandt who kindly gave permission for the images of her works to be shared on AnArt4Life and for providing assistance in the preparation of the posts on her works.

And a special thank you to the Collector Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales for sharing his Johanna Hildebrandt collection.

Andrew would also like to give a plug to Clare Farrelly who does such a wonderful and professional job of photographing these paintings so that they can be presented in such a way which is fitting to be showcased on the AnArt4Life blog.

2. Correspondence with Andrew Johns