Past Posts: No 2 May 2018

The AnArt4Life blog has been in production since November 2017. Each Sunday we are going to take you aboard our hot air balloon which is circling the world bringing you posts aimed at gaining an appreciation of art through life.

Today from the month of May 2018 we visit a little of the art scene in Mexico.

Frida Kahlo Part One
Frida Kahlo Still Life paintings show that she was a very complicated character suffering much physical and psychological pain and her other paintings, especially her self portraits illustrate much of this pain so we will edge along gently.
Frida Kahlo Part Two
Frida Kahlo became a champion for women especially their suffering. Her paintings, some of them too graphic to show in the Blog, expressed the pain suffered by women & for this she has become a role model for many people. Image:
Mexican Muralism Movement
People have been creating murals since women learnt how to draw on cave walls. It is now believed that the majority of the cave muralists were women as the men would be out hunting, fishing, fighting. Image: David Alfaro Siqueiros (