"One Voice" by Tendai Makufa

One Voice by Tendai Makufa © (1)

Many of you, especially in our Facebook AnArt4Life Chat Room, love to see the paintings of South African artist Tendai Makufa. Here is his lastest work One Voice accompanied by his expression of thoughts. The painting was created in acrylic on canvas, 1.20 x 1.26m, June 2021.


Most often, Tendai Makufa's canvases are in peace. Work is a joy. The fruitful land fills the baskets and on this fertility the Light reigns. Tendai painted in a thanksgiving, the daily thanks to this generosity of life. And then one morning he opens his windows. On the street, women are grouped and their dialogue carries unusual accents.

"Most often, it's about work" explains the painter. "There is a disagreement. And it needs to be solved. In this kind of case, we rely on the king's authority. Visiting is not mundane Soliciting the leader, in shona tradition, is an important act. So, we need to talk, and talk well. One voice will carry the message. But which one? And what will be the words?"

For the past two days, Tendai has been questioning the web. A woman, more assured, came forward. His words seem right. Another one, very old, all broken, evokes a precedent. All around, peasants listen and criticize, argue, approve, contest. One voice. What a story!

The word of the people in short, the democratic expression, which carries the earthly expectation: the protection of workers, the well-being of their children, the care of the poorest, the school maybe, the hours, the salary... Things that are the ones of the earth, and that need to be taken care of. That the Light may shine, and that the Lord may be glad, and that His name may shine.

Tendai Makufa, June 2021

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The key thought I have when I look at a Tendai Makufa painting is harmony of colour and shape.

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  1. The lastest painting by South African artist Tendai Makufa is displayed here with his permission. Thank you Tendai for sharing your works, thoughts and creative journey with the AnArt4Life blog subscribers.