"Together as One" by Tendai Makufa

Tendai Makufa with his latest painting: Together as One (Peace) © (1)

Tendai Makufa - the master visual narrative artist (Zimbabwe born but now living in South Africa) - has again created a painting lush in the growth of ideas, stories and symbols which not only engage us in Tendai's thoughts - invite us to strive to achieve a better world - together.

Together as One (Peace) 120cm x 126cm Acrylic decorative paint on canvas by Tendai Makufa © (1)

This is, in my opinion, the most impressive of Tendai's paintings. The powerful image literally rises from the canvas like the new shoots of the plants that frame the focus: so cleverly interwoven with the iconic women that help Tendai tell his story.

Tendai has said of his painting:

The group of people are holding together the """"PRIMITIVE CATAPULT""" pulling it ... different colours representing different flags of different countries!!!!*

United to shoot across the World ... where all the food is hanging!!!!\

So if we Unite together all will be well to everyone!!!!!

Enjoy the Painting!!!!!

Thank you!!!!1

Study the painting carefully as there is much to see and I am sure it is no accident that the catapult has a double edged meaning! It also resembles the bowed head of a human - perhaps bowed down in grief and oppression but also perhaps in prayer and hope.

You can let you eyes and mind work the image and come up with your own narrative. But I am sure you will all agree that this powerful painting and its powerful message of sharing the basic necessities of life should be clearly in focus for all the world to follow.

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  1. © Thank you to Tendai Makufa who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.