Mastermind of "The Bendigo Effect" Karen Quinlan Receives Australia Day Honour

Credit: Bendigo Advertiser

It’s a great honour, and I really attribute it to the fact that I had such a great city behind me, backing me, backing the gallery,” Ms Quinlan said. (The Bendigo Advertiser, Jan 26, 2019)

Ms Quinlan dates the Golden Age of Couture in 2008-2009 as the turning point. Working with the Victoria and Albert Museum was the beginning of a new era. (The Bendigo Advertiser, Jan 26, 2019)

Credit: Circa Vintage Clothing

If Ms Quinlan had to single out a personal highlight, it was bringing the British Museum’s Discobolus – or discus thrower – to Bendigo. (The Bendigo Advertiser, Jan 26, 2019)

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(Credit: Greek Reporter Australia)

Karen has left Bendigo to be the Director of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia (Canberra). We expect Trevor of Canberra to be posting updates on The Canberra Effect as Created by Karen Quinlan.

It is wonderful to see someone From the Arts receive some National Recognition. Well done Karen Quinlan, Bendigo's Loss is Canberra's Gain.