Eyes by Scottish Artist Luna Smith aka Lu

The blog is being followed on Twitter by a Scottish artist Luna Smith aka Lu and today I want to introduce you to her style and also showcase some of her works that feature eyes and in some remarkable works - the lack of eyes! Lu paints in oil on canvas and has a variety of subjects and genres. Today’s paintings come from her Surrealism portfolio.

Credit: luartgallery.com

Luna Smith has an alter ego who goes by the name of Lu. She is explained by the artist in this way:
Lu is my fun, and clever alter ego. She strives to convey that sense of place by capturing its fleeting magic, tries to bring the outside in. The light and brush strokes are her invention and are unique in that they stretch to fit most everyone. Lu adds a splash of colour to portraits or an extra spark to ignite a little sunray of sunset; Capturing the light is everything! Its elusive quality can transform a figure or a landscape in just a matter of seconds. It is her inspiration. (https://www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/luna_smith)

Credit: luartgallery.com
Credit: luartgallery.com

As Lu explains: We see we think, we dream, we wonder. We look with fear and curiosity into our future. Hot colours combined with strong strokes shout aloud our desires. And I would add, notice the upward gaze of the eyes, looking beyond the Earth, the here and now, perhaps for a connection, an inspiration.

Lu explains that: The painting represents the courage of women living in men world. Everyday struggle and discrimination, lack of equal rights and equal expectations. Women create humans by sacrificing their bodies, risking their health and life and not counting for nothing in return. There are genuinely Goddesses of this world. They are strong, full of love and they were born to rule, not to follow. You can see sad substantial curious eyes filled with fear and wonder. Lips who stay silent even when the (sic) supposed to shout. Please note the different passionate strokes of the great artist, which gives this piece strength and freedom.

Lu explains: This original painting symbolises a rare peaceful day in our busy lives. Colourful strokes stand for happiness. Feathers show comfort and lightness of feeling peace in ourselves, and in a world around us. The purple flower represents a return to be genuinely us.

Lu explains: The painting shows how war affects the world. Bricks symbolise pain, death, fear, starvation, sleeping on streets, lost childhood, fight about survivor. Blue represents sadness. The child represents future blocked by war, not allowed to evolve.

This has been a special blog today because not only have I shared some interesting paintings created by a contemporary artist; Luna Smith aka Lu has included an explanation to accompany most of her paintings and this has allowed me to open the window into the MindStudio of Luna Smith aka Lu. Please follow the link to check out Lu’s Gallery and to learn more about the paint imprint she is making on the world of art.