Marvellous Marc Chagall!

Back in April Anne featured Jewish artist Marc Chagall as a celebration of Passover. Click here for that post.

Marc Chagall is a definite favourite of Anne's! In these posts she describes his life and painting style: (click here) and (here).

And in this post, Anne describes how Chagall came to re-paint the ceiling rose in the Palais de Garnier, the main opera theatre in Paris, which I was priveleged to see in September 2019. Click here.

We have also recently featured a number of posts about leadlight and stained glass windows. It may suprise you to know that Chagall also dabbled in stained glass, in "The American Windows", which Anne also featured in this post.

The team from Arts&Emotions, whose wonderful snapshot videos we have featured before, have also chosen Marc Chagall as the subject of one of their videos, set to classical music (5.38 minutes). Enjoy!


With thanks to Arts&Emotions for sharing their videos with us.