March 2023 Mailbag No 1

H Steve Cook, subscriber and contributor to the AnArt4Life blog worked 46 years for Australia Post, starting as a Junior Postal Officer, Postie, Postal Clerk, Senior Postal Clerk, and finally retired as Postal Manager (Old Postmaster). He has a collection of some of the advertising posters for new editions of stamps which he is happy to share with us. So for the next few monthly mailbags we are going to see some of the Australian stamps from the time when Steve helped keep the mail rolling out across Australia and indeed the world!!

And it was this Steve who wrote in about Rowdy Wylie's recent aquisition of a print of the Explorer Edward John Eyre and his Aboriginal companion Wylie. If you missed this post please click here. Steve goes on to say:

Hello everyone. I have just read yesterday's blog about our great local artist one John Rowdy Wylie. So, my question is do you think that you and E J Eyre's friend might be related? Just sayin!!!!

Love your blog. It is so good to see John's talent displayed for all subscribers to see. I wish I had a fraction of John's talent. Blowed if I know where you find the time cobber but we're all glad you do. I don't think I'd seen that Broken Hill one before Rowdy. Not always easy to get rust right but you've done a great job.

This is the painting by Rowdy being referred to by Steve and it is also one of my favourites.

Junction Mine Broken Hill by John "Rowdy" Wylie 

And speaking of Rowdy Wylie - he has been out scrounging around in Op Shops looking for for more treasures to take home. Recently he came across these books on Australian Outback Art.

Noting the book by Clarrie Cox reminded me that we have a series of AnArt4Life posts on Clarrie's paintings of buildings from all around Australia. Interestingly Clarrie didn't travel to these places (except once!) but rather researched them in the local library where he gathered the images of old buildings which form his oeuvre.

New subscribers might like to take a few minutes to browse through these past posts on Clarrie Cox who was always seen as a bonza bloke!

Long Lost Australian Artists: Clarrie Cox - A Bonza Bloke: Part 1
The AnArt4Life team loves to rediscover artists who have been forgotten. Thanks to artist & subscriber John Wylie we are going to enjoy paintings of Australian buildings by Clarrie Cox. Image: Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie - WA (Clarrie Cox Australia, Currey O’Neil 1985)
Long Lost Australian Artists: Clarrie Cox- A Bonza Bloke: Part 2
Clarrie Cox gave up a secure business as a display artist to paint the early settlement buildings of Australia. Today, thanks to his family, we showcase images of early settlement buildings from around Australia- from the palette of Clarrie Cox (1927-2013) Image: Carcoar, NSW by Clarrie Cox
Long Lost Australian Artists: Clarrie Cox- A Bonza Bloke: Part 3
Concluding our posts on Australian artist Clarrie Cox with examples of his illustrations and paintings for placemats, cards and china ware. Image: A pen and ink illustration of houses for the Paddington Series placemats produced by the Jason Company.

Did you see the Summer is on its way painting by English artist Philip Johnson about two weeks ago? Mary in Ireland wrote in to say:

A lovely and timely reminder thanks Anne. Its shaping up to be a wet and miserable start to the week here in Ireland. The snow was a brief interlude in a dreary damp week.

And here is Mary's pristine snow....

Snow in Ireland Photo: Mary in Ireland

We conclude today with another video by Willie Takatosi Cox and his incredible moving paper art. Willie also reminds us that:

It's not the destination - it's the journey!