John Pickup OAM helps celebrate the 90th birthday of the Australian Broadcasting Commission

Here on the AnArt4Life blog we know John Pickup OAM as an inspirational artist, advisor, member of our blog team and wonderful friend. In the world of broadcasting he is known for his remarkable career of over 40 years mainly with the ABC.

Recently Phillip Adams interviewed John about his time in the broadcasting industry.

Follow this link to listen to John Pickup OAM being interviewed by Phillip Adams.

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John Pickup OAM
Bringing you the news that John Pickup received an Order of Australia in the 2020 Australia Day Honours. The award was granted in recognition of John’s service to the world of broadcasting. Here is a summary of his broadcasting career.
The Golden Years of Radio with John Pickup OAM
A treat today with a video made by John Pickup OAM - artist and broadcaster explaining what it was like to be involved in The Golden Years of Radio. John’s delivery and insights are informative and entertaining - as he remains very much a broadcaster.
John Winter Pickup OAM Investiture 12 May 2021
Australian artist and “Brushmen of the Bush” John Pickup received an OAM in the 2020 Australia Day Honours. Today he brings you his account of the investiture at Government House, Brisbane, Qld on 12 May 2021. Image credit: