January 2022 Mailbag

We have received lovely emails from subscribers enjoying our posts including from G. in Diggers Rest, Victoria, M. in Ireland, E. in London, K. in France, K in Sydney, R.P.in Queensland. And from M.B. in Tanzania came these words of appreciation:

I tell myself that I really do not know how I managed to start my days before I discovered your blog. Your features are interesting, entertaining, educating and intriguing, and cover items that would never have crossed my horizon, - certainly not here in Tanzania.
They make my early morning smile for the day! M.B.

Thank you to everyone for your on-going support and encouragement. I must also mention the members of our Facebook ChatRoom which continues to flourish with wonderful creative interaction occurring between the members from around the world.

If you are a Facebook user you will find us by following this link to the AnArt4Life Chat Room.

Next we have from E in London an astonishing video on Who built the pyramids. This is a must view!

Back in November I wrote a post Chaposos Huamanguinos: Excursion Homeland Peru showcasing this participatory project which aims to bring about a greater awareness of Peruvian history and culture.

People are invited to place the little characters called Chaposos huamanguinos in places that have special significance to Peru. The image below was made by Miguel Martín Llontop Rojas (in Chiclayo, Peru) who explains on behalf of the Chaposos huamanguinos:
I arrived at Plaza Ayacucho to celebrate the Bicentenario del Peru. I made it to Lima, but I'm at home in this beautiful Plaza Limeña of the Convent of the Descalzos.1

For Facebook users you might like to follow this link to learn more about Chaposos huamanguinos, excursión patria.

From Miguel Martín Llontop Rojas (in Chiclayo, Peru) (1)

A in Oakleigh, Victoria challenges us once more with our visual detection skills - this time - find two (yes two) tawny frogmouths!!

The photo was taken at Jack Edwards Reserve, Oakeligh, Victoria and I think this glorious tree is a Casuarina.

Photo of two tawny frogmouths at Jack Edwards Reserve Oakleigh Victoria

Our Roving Arts Reporter in Bendigo, Victoria sends, from the Explore Bendigo Facebook Page, the news that there is an exhibition called IMPRINT on at the Living Arts Space inside the Bendigo Visitor Centre featuring prints of original artwork by Bendigo artists. The exhibition is aimed at helping connect the artists with locals and visitors after the past two years of cancelled and postponed exhibitions.

One of the featured artists is Lorena Carrington who is a Photographic Illustrator. Below are two of her digital prints on archival Chromira paper. Not the title of the print on the left is Millefleur.

Millefleur, millefleurs or mille-fleur (French mille-fleurs, literally "thousand flowers") refers to a background style of many different small flowers and plants, usually shown on a green ground, as though growing in grass. It is essentially restricted to European tapestry during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, from about 1400 to 1550, but mainly about 1480–1520. The style had a notable revival by Morris & Co. in 19th century England, being used on original tapestry designs, as well as illustrations from his Kelmscott Press publications.2

Many of you wrote to me to say that David Attenborough is your hero. We thank Philip Johnson for his wonderful portrait. If you missed seeing this please click here.

In reponse to the post on Ivan Morozov and Sergei Shchukin: Collectors of the Parisian Avant-garde by Hannah Starman Nov 2021 Jane reminded me that we have seen some of their collection in an exhibition in Sydney in early 2019. The post on this collection can be found at A Taste of the Hermitage - Downunder.

We conclude our first AnArt4Life Mailbag for 2022 with the latest work from Tendai Makufa now living in South Africa but still with his feet planted firmly in the soil of his homeland Zimbabwe where the daily toil keeps the people alive and where community is central to everyone's life.

Tendai's latest painting is titled Encouragement and what a wonderful composition it is - and what a wonderful message it is sending to each of us to encourage ourselves and others to work together to achieve a common goal.

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