Colin and Pam Morris show how to be Inspired by a Painting

Hi everyone, on the AnArt4Life blog we showcase endless paintings and seamless photographs but I don't think we have ever shown photographs based on paintings which I will feature today thanks to photographers Colin and Pam Morris.

The first example was inspired by a painting Winston Churchhill By Arthur Pan 1942. Alongside is Colin Morris as Winston. Amazing likeness isn't it?

L: Winston Churchill by Arthyr Pan 1942 (Credit: wikiArt/FairUse) R: Colin Morris as Winston Churchill (Credit: Colin Morris)

And then we move on to Colin with Pam posing as did the couple for American Gothic by Grant Wood in 1930. Aren't these photographers just so clever what they can do?

L: American Gothic by Grant Wood (Credit: en.wikipedia/public domain) R: Australian Gothic (Credit: Pam and Colin Morris) 

Pam then went on to produce two further Diptych images. The first Summer afternoon Meditation is based on a painting by Volegov Vladimir.

Pam and Colin's granddaughter Abigail is the beautiful young woman who has posed for this charming image.

Summer afternoon meditation L: a painting by Volegov Vladimir (Credit: R: Pam Morris' photo featuring Abigail (Credit: Pam Morris)

And finally Pam and Colin's other granddaughter Scarlett is the lovely young woman with a basket imitating a portrait created over 100 years ago by
Adolphe William Bouguereau.

L: Young Girl with a Basket of Fruit by Adolphe William Bouguereau (1825-1905) R: Scarlett with a Basket of Fruit by Pam Morris (Credit: Pam Morris) 

Thank you to Colin and Pam Morris for providing these remarkable images. I am sure you can imagine the incredible amount of work that has gone into setting up each of these scenes to look as near as possible to the original painting.

During Covid Lockdown Pam took a series of photographs illustrating how she reponded during this time.

If you missed this post and would like to see more of the amazing photography of pam Morris follow the bookmark link below.

Pam Morris - photographer in Covid Times: when the present meets the past
Melbourne photographer Pam Morris lets us into her home during “Covid Times” and reveals a startling outcome. Image credit: Pam Morris/

And Colin likes to play around.... no that isn't correct... work very hard at manipulating images to create semi-sureal images. We showcased one such remarkable image some time back and although a somewhat disturbing subject matter is an inspirational piece of photography. Check out Colin's photograph titled Present for Christmas in the post below.

Image Challenge No 3
Our Image Challenge today contains much to think about and some people might find it upsetting on several levels. It does involve the tweaking of reality and the possible absence of a loved one at Christmas.

And a special thank you to Colin and Pam's two grand daughters - Scarlett and Abigail who have given their written consent to have their images shown on the AnArt4Life blog.