Extraordinary photography - artistry with birds

If you live in Australia you will probably have some appreciation of the birdlife here - budgerigars, parrots, cockatoos and the like.

Today we will meet a photographer and video artist named Leila Jefferies whose focus is on showcasing Australian birds.

She loves to work with them to capture their extraordinary beauty, but also for the connections and benefits to humans that come from interacting with nature.

Her story was told recently on the ABC1 programme Gardening Australia.

You might like to read the article first, but there is a wonderful video at the top of the screen where Leila talks about her work and what she is trying to achieve. The video is 9.12 minutes long, but is really worth watching........

My Garden Path | Leila Jeffreys - Gardening Australia
We meet Leila Jeffreys, a photographer who creates super-sized portraits of birds that show off their beauty and personalities to help us connect to iconic Australian birds.

You can see more of Leila's work on her website. If you click on any image, there are more images in the same theme/category....

Photographic Artworks — Leila Jeffreys
Fine art bird portraits by Leila Jeffreys including works from High Society, Ornithurae pigeons, Wounded Warriors, Prey, Cockatoos, Budgerigars and Parrots. Leila Jeffreys is an Australian contemporary artist, known for her photography and video works featuring birds, including ’Nature Is Not A Plac


  1. With thanks to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC), the Gardening Australia programme and Leila Jefferies.