Imp Hung: To Sleep in a Painting

To conclude our review of the exceptional ceramic work being created by Imp Tsui yun Hung we are going to look at a tile she created after looking at Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory.

I will let Imp take up the story.

After I moved back to Taiwan from Australia, I couldn't adapt to the crowded living environment and the anxiety of the city. I often suffered from insomnia. One day I looked at Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" and envied the duck sleeping quietly in the painting.

Imp Hung

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali 1

I was like wandering in time, looking at the clock. So I created this work ...

Imp Hung

"The Persistence of Memory" (after Salvador Dali) by Imp Hung ©

... and wrote these words:

The Persistence of Memory

I do not know how to cope with the desolation my dreams. Time pulls at my anxieties - matter - day or night.

I tried softening myself - have and flowing with the rhythm of time.
But still no escape from moral shackles.

Changing of the seasons has lost its meaning.
When will spring bless the withered branches again?

The still ocean surface conceals the turbulence beneath.
The colour blue is no reflection of freedom.
But ..... the silence of depression.
Solid liquid, or gas - the 3 states of matter -
But, what about time?

May I use the past, present and future metaphor then?
Uncertain how I appear in your eyes?
A horse? A duck?

In the end, I’m just a poor insomniac,
Running hard between the 12 markings on a clock face.

Under tired, long long eyelashes,
Is irrepressible restlessness.

A very special thank you Imp Hung who gave her permission for the images of her work to be shown on the post and who so willingly has shared her thoughts with us.

Thank you again to Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region who introduced me to the ceramic tiles being created by Imp Hung and who has assisted in many ways to bring these posts to you.


As we farewell Imp Hung we conclude the purple patch week by welcoming our latest subscriber to the AnArt4Life blog who is our first from New Zealand - a very warm welcome to L.M.B. from N.Z.

As a coincidence we have a special post coming up later this week featuring a New Zealand artist from the past.