Moroccan Craftsmen

I very much love Islamic art and architecture and the intricate designs the craftsmen have been creating for centuries.

Islamic architecture in Morocco (Photo: Anne Newman)

When I was in Morocco some years back, one of the highlights of the tour was to visit a pottery ...

Inside a pottery in Morocco (Photo: Anne Newman)

and see the craftsmen at work.

Moroccan craftsman at work (Photo by Anne Newman)

It was so fascinating to see the various objects being made and how the pieces were prepared from a lump of clay to the finished product. On a wheel...

Potters at work in a Moroccan Pottery (Photo By Anne Newman)

Or chipping away at the mosaic tiles to form an intricate design.

Potters at work in a Moroccan Pottery (Photo By Anne Newman)

Although mass production was certainly in progress to accommodate the tourist trade the manual skills hundreds of years old were still being used.

Painting the design (Photo By Anne Newman)
Every craftsman has a special job to do (Photo: Anne Newman)

The kilns were absolutely fascinating and I am sure the building of them went back hundreds of years...

Kilns inside a Moroccan Pottery (Photo by Anne Newman )

For me the highlight was to see the meticulous creation of mosaic designs - piece by piece - the craftsman working from his memory of the design he was following.

Moroccan craftsman creating his masterpiece (Photo by Anne Newman)
Piece by piece into an intricate mosaic design (Photo by Anne Newman)
The craftsman's design from above (Photo: Anne Newman)

And perhaps destined to become a part of something as beautiful as this...

Islamic designs in Morocco (Photo by Anne Newman)

or this...

The beauty of Islamic buildings (Photo by Anne Newman)

And at this time of the year with the celebration of Ramadan taking place, I wish my Muslim neighbours a peaceful Ramadan.

A mosaic design from a Moroccan Pottery (Photo by Anne Newman)