Dina D'Argo: Unbridled

War Pony (dinadargo.com)

Ironically Dina D'Argo calls her art works Unbridled which as you know I like to use as a tag on some of our images especially on a Friday. Her works celebrate the bond between ourselves and nature (dinadargo.com) and the Unbridled tag in her case comes from a serious horseback riding accident that changed the course of her life and eventually led her to renew her commitment to her lifelong passion for art.

This is an artist who defines art as a language. As Dina D'Argo says: ...it's almost like if I leave something unspoken, the viewer has more opportunity to participate in the conversation. I don't have to say it for them. They get it.

Originally from San Diego County, Dina spent 6 years on the edge of the Wao Hele O Puna rainforest of Hawaii before relocating to Tennessee. Today I am going to share some of her magnificent images of horses.


“All of my work, at its core is about our connection to nature. It all has an organic theme,” she says. “Some pieces are more abstract, some pieces are more representational, but it’s always about the earth and about our deep, profound, spiritual connection to the earth. Those are things that are really important in my work. Tying people to what we come from, which is the soil. We’re animals. I feel like that’s something that is really profoundly gratifying to a lot of people, when you feel that connection to nature.” (dinadargo.com)

Blue Mare 
Palomino De Oro

Credit for images: dinadargo.com