Coast to coast with Edward A Obermeyer

One of our favourite artists which we love to showcase on AnArt4Life is Ed Obermeyer from Virginia in the USA. Ed is a master of coast to coast photography and painting and therefore I must feature some of his works in our series where we examine the natural artistic scenarios that create the shores of our beautiful little planet. Don't forget that 71% of Earth is water and of that 96.5% is held by the oceans!1

Today we will open the windows onto Ed's images of the beautiful coastline of Nova Scotia where I am very proud to say I share a good dose of Scottish DNA with the inhabitants!

The Serenity Series #1 by Edward A Obermeyer © (2)

Ed Obermeyer explains the Serenity Series as being:

composed of a group of paintings based on my travels to Niagara Falls, New York, and to Nova Scotia during the summer of 2005. During the journey, I was inspired by the variety and beauty of the natural surroundings everywhere we traveled, especially Nova Scotia.2

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia (36" X 48", acrylic on canvas) by Edward A Obermeyer © (2)

Ed continues with comments on the painting above:

This piece is at "Peggy's Cove", an historical site for Nova Scotia, with picturesque fishing villages. a lighthouse post office, and very warm and friendly people. There were quite a few challenges in capturing the textures of the water and the ropes on the dock which I will share with you now as we click through the thumbnails.2

And still at Peggy's Cove Ed's painting below has captured most beautifully the treacherous reality of the coast.

Serenity Series #3 Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia (36"x48") by by Edward A Obermeyer © (2)

This impressive lighthouse is anchored on rugged granite headland at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. The granite rock is estimated to be about 415 million years old and was created when huge boulders were picked up and deposited ten thousand years ago by retreating glaciers. This also happens to be Canada's only post office in an operating lighthouse.2

The remote beauty enhanced by the cottages of the searfaring and fisherfolk combine for this delightful composition. And the use by Ed of the primary colours is wonderful allowing them to help tell the narrative of life in Novia Scotia.

When I look at these paintings of Nova Scotia by Ed Obermeyer I am tempted to use that delightful word pelagic which actually refers to fish and birds as it is an adjective which relates to creatures who inhabit the open sea and only return to the shore to breed! In the case of birds that is!!!

The Serenity Series No. 6, Nova Scotia (36" x 48") by Edward A Obermeyer © (1)

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Julie in particular has written many posts on Ed's work and I invite you to check some of these out and be enthralled with what you will see and experience from this master artist and photographer and lover of coast to coast.

Oh, my - Ed Obermeyer!
Ed Obermeyer is an artist and teacher from Virginia USA who uses his water and nature photography, and the experiences of his extensive travels to reflect beauty and movement in his inspiring paintings. Image:
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© Thank you to Ed Obermeyer who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.