Enriching your knowledge of art with "TagCloud"

It is time for you to plunge into a new world which we pretend is located in outerspace but is more likely housed in a giant warehouse quite close to where you live. I refer to the icloud where it seems just about everything is stored nowadays except that favourite old cardigan you want to wear and can't find!

Thanks to the AnArt4Life Interwebs Wizard, who goes by the name of Matt Cameron from InfluencerTips, here on the AnArt4Life blog we have embraced the icloud in the form of a TagCloud.

This is what it looks like but what is it and where will you find it?

The AnArt4Life TagCloud 

First - what is it?

The TagCloud is a map of all the most commonly used tags associated with the posts that make up the AnArt4Life blog. Every time we write a post we assign at least one and usually two or three tags to the post. The tags are subject matter labels.

The clever software associated with our tagCloud places the most frequently used tags for our posts close to the centre of the cloud and the less frequently used tags diminish in size and get pushed to the edges of the cloud.

If you look at the example above you can see which tags we have assigned to the posts most often. But our TagCloud is constantly changing as we change the nature of our posts to meet our subscribers interests and consequently the tags associated with these interests.

You can read more about our TagCloud by following the bookmark link below.

Introducing a new feature...... the TagCloud!
Today we take a look at a new search feature that has been added to the blog - the TagCloud! We hope you enjoy revisiting our past posts by clicking on categories that interest you! Image: Anne Newman: web site screen shot

So for your art fix for today you can choose a tag from our TagCloud which will take you to all the posts we have written on that topic and you can choose which one you read.

So where do you find the TagCloud?

Scroll to the top of this post and you will come to the menu in a green banner. On the right hand side in the menu you will see the logo for the TagCloud as shown below. All you have to do is click on the logo.

And you will see a wonderful list of past posts just like the covers of magazines in a newsagency.

Click on the post which appeals and as we say in Australia "Bob's your uncle"!!

Examples of posts in the AnArt4Life blog for the tag Animals 

And if you have any trouble at all please email me at [email protected].