Adam Stan - Photographer

Whilst the Christmas period in the Northern Hemisphere is cold, and in some places, it snows, here in Australia it is summer, with temperatures ranging anywhere from 20 degrees in the south to up to 45 degrees in the north and Red Centre.

It is also the time that many Australians take an extended break, and go away for a holiday. Many people head for the beach. Australia has an extensive coast line of almost 36,000 kilometres of just mainland Australia, and almost 60,000 kilometres when you add in all the various islands, including Tasmania. 1

There are some wonderful photographers who capture Australia’s stunning coastline, much of which is pristine, and inaccessible, the home of unique wildlife, sea life and plants. We will feature some of these photographers in the coming weeks.

But in Melbourne, where some of the Blog team live, we head down to either the Mornington Peninsula, or further afield going east to Gippsland, or west down to the Bellarine Peninsula. And as travellers we frequently go to another state "just for a walk along a beach or a swim in the ocean".

Map showing Melbourne in relation to all of Australia. Credit: World Atlas
The regions of Victoria and the southern coast. Credit: Australia's Guides

Today we would like to show you the work of a photographer named Adam Stan, who is based on the Bellarine Coast. He captures wonderful images of this area as well as the large town of Geelong, which is about 100 kilometres south of Melbourne heading down the western side of Port Philip Bay.

He is self-taught, and loves capturing the beauty of the predawn. He now also specialises in drone photography as well as the camera. We invite you to scroll through his work using the following link from his website. Just click on any of the categories on this page for some truly beautiful, mesmerising images:

Gallery — Adam Stan Photography.Adam Stan Photography

Adam also has also formed a wonderful friendship with a sand artist named Ed. Ed’s identity is a secret. He loves to complete his work before dawn using just a garden rake, with no templates or measurements and then disappear. I am sure you will find his work just beautiful too…….

Breathe a blue ocean — Adam Stan Photography.Adam Stan Photography

Isn’t Adam and Ed’s work just amazing? Whilst you won’t find typical palm trees and balmy tropics along the coastline of Victoria, I am sure you will agree that these artists capture the peace and allure of the sea just perfectly…….


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  2. We have featured sand artists before. Click here and here if you would like to revist those posts.