Winterscapes by Monet

For our readers in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is now a distant memory! We hope you are enjoying the beauty of Spring time, and liked our recent post on Van Gogh's Orchards in Blossom.

But here in Australia, and much of the Southern Hemisphere, we are in late Autumn (or Fall), and we are heading in to winter now. But we do have a smile on our faces as we have a new subscriber - D.S in Australia to welcome into our online community where we share our love of the art that is all around us.

I think winter is a beautiful time of year, with its crisp air, sometimes weak sunshine and beautiful landscapes. There is nothing like a leisurely winter walk, well rugged up, with misty breath, to make you feel alive!

We thought we might celebrate the beauty of winter with another video kindly shared with us by Arts&Emotions, 1 showcasing The Winterscapes of Claude Monet (4.14 minutes):

I also came across this lovely video 2 of a Claude Monet painting also set in a winter landscape, called simply The Magpie! Enjoy!


  1. With thanks to Arts&Emotions, a Humanities and Arts website based in Brazil
  2. With thanks to 1001 Paintings and the Musee D'Orsay.