Waiting for Absent Friends and Family

In line with the frequent references on the AnArt4Life blog to a sense of community, a recent painting by English artist Philip Johnson brought the absence of community into sharp and poignant focus.

Absent Friends by Philip Johnson ©

Titled Absent Friends Philip has said of this painting:

Inspired by the lockdown, my painting represents all those forgotten deckchairs locked away in our popular resorts. The abandoned ball games emphasise our absence, whilst the annoyed seagull wants to know why you want to reinvade it's personal space..

There is probably no-one in the world who has not experienced the effects in some way of Covid - some far more tragic and distressing than others.

We have reacted in multiple of ways; our lives have probably changed for ever.

There would be few people however who have not missed the Absence of Loved Ones be they family or friends.

If you would like to leave a message to absent friends and family please use our comments box below.

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© Thank you to Philip Johnson who kindly gave permission for the image of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life. Please click on Philip's name and you will be taken to his website where you can enjoy more inspiring works by this wonderful artist.