Urban fences and their narratives

If you follow the AnArt4Life blog you will know that Rowdy Wylie and I have been presenting a series on Fences, Posts and Gates. You can catch up the the links below if you have missed these posts.

For me fences are like the pages in a book. Follow the fence to learn the narrative.

There are all kinds of fences and walls to protect properties and over the years I have found myself enjoying painting some of these structures into my paintings. I love the nooks and crannies created by buildings and structures: and the interaction between people and animals with these structures is intriguing.

Bendigo Secrets by Anne Newman ©

As a genre artist I am always on the look out how to create a narrative in my painting. The above work was painted about 40 years ago (!), although titled Bendigo Secrets it was really an experiment in shape, pattern and texture and I used the fence and walls as important structures in the composition.

But narrative abounds: the high fence on the left plus the walls of the buildings give the two chaps in the background the chance to have a private chat!

Below are further illustrations of my desire to use fences and walls in my paintings - especially as they make wonderful structures for showing off plants.

From time to time over my life I have painted town scenes for friends. Picket fences help highlight the actions in these narratives: a backdrop for the characters to move against or hang over.

Of course, leaning over a fence isn't the prerogative of country folk - city folk do it to!

Animals just love fences and walls - especially cats. They form an essential part of their lives and their playground.

A little bit of Italy by Anne Newman ©

Fences are wonderful to paint as you can always use them as structures in stories and to help frame characters.

The big wash by Anne Newman ©

Next time you walk past a fence or a wall - stop to think who or what might have passed this way possibly for hundreds of years if you live out of Australia or New Zealand - we have only been into fences for about 150 years!

Coming up soon in the Fences, Posts and Gates theme will be Gates.

If the fences are the pages of a book, the gates are the Chapter headings.

Join Rowdy Wylie and me as we travel along some more fences and arrive at the gates.

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