The Twitter World of Art

Every now and again I am going to dedicate a blog to showing you how Art Works and Artists are shown and discussed on-line.

Today we are going to dip our toes into the swirling waters of.... TWITTER

Below you can see what my Twitter Home Page looks like.

My Twitter Page Hero

Your ID or username on Twitter is called your handle: mine is @AnneNewman4

When you Post information on Twitter it is called a TWEET

One of my TWEETS looks like this.

One of my tweets

Another of my TWEETS looks like this.

My Twitter Page Hero

This Tweet has been retweeted by someone who liked it.

If you have the Twitter App on you computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone you can click on any of the Tweets below and you will go to the appropriate Twitter page and be able to see the tweet and follow the links to more information.

You can see my handle @AnneNewman4 included in the first tweet shown below.

Advice: Twitter can be overwhelming so if you want to give it a go make sure you think carefully about the subject matter and/or people you want to follow. I only follow people and organisations tweeting about art. This is one source for the information I use in the blog. Twitter is absolutley the best way to keep up to date with what emerging artists are doing. It is also a wonderful way to keep up with people who are discussing some of the great masterpieces and well known artists.

Next time I have a Twitter Blog I will talk to you about hashtags.