The Young Archies 2021

Don't you just love to see a young person undertaking a creative pursuit. I believe that the more we encourage creativity in children the healthier they will be as adults.

Recently I presented the winner of the Archibald Prize for 2021. Today we will look at a couple of examples of the pictures by the finalists in each age groups for The Young Archies for 2021.

5-8 YEAR OLDS Finalists for 2021

Explanation of painting (above) by artist

I chose to draw my sister because I love her. She is always kind and helps me. I love it when my sister and I play together. She is awesome. Evelyn Garth (1)

This is Mum cooking eggs and I love her eggs. I love Mum so much. Mia Vasales (1)

9-12 YEAR OLDS Finalists for 2021

Explanation of painting (above) by artist

This is my grandad. He has been very sick lately and I wanted to draw him because he is special to me. Zander Curtinsmith (1)

I have chosen myself and the objects that I like. I’ve shown my highlight objects of 2021, even though it is only March. I have included a steam train, which I made up, and characters from the Star Wars films, including a battle droid, a clone trooper, an Astromech droid, Darth Vader and R2-D2. Sunoo Park (1)

13-15 YEAR OLDS Finalists for 2021

Explanation of painting (above) by artist

My subject is my twin sister Lily. For all my life, she has been with me and by my side. She always inspires me to do what I love and follow what I think is right. She is my partner in crime, no matter what; she is my light in the dark. When I contemplated who my subject would be, in the end, there was only one answer: my best friend and sister Lily. Ruby Buckton (1)

I painted my younger sister because we make each other really happy. We always make each other laugh and we like making funny videos together. This painting is based on one of my favourite videos of her, when she is trying to teach me how to play hide-and-seek in the car. We weren’t very successful at playing the game in the car, but we still had lots of fun together. Jasmine Li Economou (1)

16-18 YEAR OLDS Finalists for 2021

Explanation of painting (above) by artist

The underwater world has always fascinated me since I was a young girl. During summer holidays, I took a diving course in Watsons Bay, NSW. As I submerged, I felt like I was floating in the middle of a large, transparent crystal. I was mesmerised by the submarine ecosystem, especially the colourful fish. The fish in my painting were inspired by Instagram artist sleel11’s art. Yuenyang Fu (1)

I painted my reflection in a window, using a style and medium unlike my usual approach. Being in my final year of high school, along with the pressures of finding my place as an artist and as a person, it seems fitting to reflect upon myself as I am now. I am quite happy with this work, something I don’t say much. Despite being about to embark on great change in my life, it’s exciting that I can find joy in representing who I am through something I love. Caity James (1)

I am constantly amazed at the creative ability of children and it gives me so much hope for the future.

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