Revisiting Nadine Dudek

If you saw Julie's post on the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show you would have seen a few watercolours of birds by Nadine Dudek in the wonderful video Julie included in the post.

As I travel through the wonderful Australian landscape I am reminded of the remarkable and magnificent bird life we are privileged to have in this land of ours.

Sometime back Caroline wrote on Nadine and so for your enjoyment here is the bookmark link to her post. I am sure you will enjoy these remarkable images.

Nadine Dudek - Research scientist to professional artist
Nadine Dudek is a Melbourne (Vic, Australia) painter working mainly in watercolour. Today I bring you some of her paintings of birds which combine realism with almost semi-abstract strokes. (Image: The Red Head by Nadine Dudek (

Late Mail

E.C. from Sydney has just subscribed to the Anart4life blog and I note that this person is a naive artist so a perfect time to join us as tomorrow we have more Hugh Schulz posts for you to enjoy.