The paintings of Berthe Morisot

Today is the anniversary of the death of Berthe Morisot, one of my favourites of the French Impressionists, even though she is one of the least known.

She died far to young, at just 54, on 2nd March 1895, after contracting influenza from nursing her daughter through the same illness.

If you don't know her work, here is another of the Arts&Emotions videos which will give you a wonderful summary, set to music (4.03 minutes). It is also a lovely snapshot of women's fashions of the time.

(If you would like to read about the life of Berthe Morisot, please click here. Many of her paintings also feature her beloved daughter, Julie, who we have also featured on the blog, click here, as well as her husband, Eugene Manet.)


With thanks to Arts&Emotions in Brazil for giving us permission to share another of their wonderful videos.