The Concept of Creativity: Clouding the Issue

Lately I've been challenging your concept of What is Real Art? and indirectly, What is Creativity?

Our concepts are constantly being challenged in all aspects of our lives. Ideas are the building blocks of our thoughts and beliefs and are ultimately triggers for our actions. Most of our concepts are securely locked away in the schema that make up our knowledge of the world. When a new piece of information appears in our mind radar we check it out to see if it can be fitted into what we already know. If not, the information might be stored in a temporary mind file or might be discarded. An interest in all things art is a great way to exercise your concepts and your creativity and keep them fit and healthy. Hopefully this blog is challenging some of your thoughts and adding new and interesting ideas.

One way to exercise your creativity is to use all available mediums to produce some images of Clouds. These Storm Clouds were painted in oils in 1880 by Albert Bierstadt and closely resemble nature's image.

(Credit: 1st Art Gallery)

Kauai artist Helen Turner created her Clouds in pastels.  

(Credit: Helen Turer)

(Credit: Gretta Louw)

(Credit: Getty Images)

To help you in your creative process please read this excellent article by Sandra Duran Wilson Find Your Creative Process.You will learn how to create Artistic Vision Lookbooks.

Teaser: Some people don’t see themselves as individuals who could ever harness a creative process of their own. Sandra Duran Wilson shows us how to reach out and grab the creativity we might not think is there, starting with the power of idea notebooks, sketchbooks and lookbooks.


And Tomorrow, if I have recovered from the Grand Final, I will begin to challenge your concept of A Place Called Home.