The Bench

We are heading into the weekend and I am sure there are a few of you who would like to sit down for a moment on a bench!

Take a deep breathe everyone and take a few moments to let those thoughts that make you feel good flood into your mind.

Photo by Robert Thiemann / Unsplash
Photo by Hennadii Hryshyn / Unsplash

And take a moment to sit down with a group of People Sitting On A Bench In Bezuidenhout, The Hague as envisioned by Vincent van Gogh. The work (27.3 x 38.1 cm) was created in watercolor heightened with gouache on paper in The Hague in September 1882.1

People sitting on a Bench in Bezuidenhout. The Hague is a drawing by Vincent van Gogh which was uploaded on May 3rd, 2017 (2)