Marie Prett's Circus Ceramics!

Did you ever go to the circus, or dream of running away to join the circus?!

Today we bring you the heart warming hand made ceramics of contemporary artist Marie Prett. She is based in Kent, England, making highly decorated mythical animals and people, often with a theatrical, or circus theme.

Marie says in her bio: “I left school at sixteen to go to art college and study ceramics. I fell head over heels in love with the medium of clay at school and the feeling has stayed with me throughout 6 years of ceramic education and 28 years as a professional ceramic artist.1

Each piece is individually hand built using the beautiful Earthstone Handbuilding clay and decorated using oxides, vibrant slips and glazes. 1

She says: “Inspiration comes from characters in literature, folk stories, myths and fairy tales and a romantic notion of an “Old World” circus where animals help the show with love and “Joie de Vivre”. 1

It is my constant aim to tell a story, create an infusion of energy, colour and movement within each piece to evoke emotions. I like to test the clay, to show its strength and versatility, such as to balance an entire family on the slender legs of a giraffe, to stretch a boat and fill it with people, or to balance a person on the tips of their toes on a ball, to make the clay come alive.1

Do these pieces take you back to your childhood? Circus life is a fascinating world, brought to life for us by Marie’s fun-filled, quirky pieces.

The following short video gives more examples of Marie’s fascinating work……..


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